Automating Airside Operations

Evitado is revolutionizing the future of aviation by automating airside operations. Our product solution mitigates the risk of collisions and increases the level of safety and efficiency whilst providing real-time data for optimizing operations.

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One ground accident occurs per every 1,000 departures

High cost due to safety risk

  •  High risk of ground accidents during towing and push back causing Billions of $ in cost
  • No solution available to protect aircraft whilst moving or being static on the apron or in the hangar
  • Most damages are not covered by insurance

Operational inefficiency

  • Inefficient, manual processes cause high costs and account for 90% of all accidents
  • Ground accidents are one of the main reasons for delays
  • Lost revenue opportunity due to insufficient usage of space

Lack of data intelligence

  • Insufficient coverage of field data and high manual effort for data collection 
  • High risk of fraud
  • No central database for benchmarking the level of ground safety and operational efficiency

ELVIZ, the world’s first plug-and-play
solution for collision warning and data intelligence

Flexible usage and high precision using LiDAR


  • A portable solution can be attached to an aircraft fuselage or ground service equipment
  • LiDAR scans surrounding in 3D and 360 degrees
  • Calibrates with any aircraft type and tracks equipment during the move
  • No tools are required and work under any weather conditions, 
    any time of day
  • >100m range and <10cm accuracy

Real-time data processing triggers an immediate warning


  • An accurate collision warning is provided to the operator – in real-time
  • The operator is being notified through sounds, flashing lights, and user interface
  • The user interface shows a simplified view of the aircraft and its surrounding
  • The user interface can be customized to receive warnings using tablets, smartphones, or smartwatches

See ELVIZ in action

Mitigate risk and increase the level of safety

Reduce >90% of ground collisions
Increase operational performance
Automate airside operations
Operational data & performance KPIs


On 21 October 2022, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung featured Evitado Technologies as one of the German startups participating in the InnovationHub – Runway to the Future, a startup accelerator program initiated by and located at Rome Fiumicino, Europe’s 17th largest airport (2021).

This program attracts German startups due to its quick decision-making and uncomplicated application process.

HYDRO Systems France has been selected to experiment for the benefit of the Ministry of the Armed Forces with the latest ELVIZ 3D anti-collision solution based on Evitado’s LiDAR. Over the next few months, the French Air and Space Force will be testing one of our products tailored to their specific needs for transport aircraft and helicopter towing operations

Hamburg, 14 October 2022, we are thrilled to announce that we have been selected as one of the winners in the Lufthansa Technik Philippines (LTP) Start-up Challenge 2022.

LTP worked with several new start-ups to cultivate innovative technologies for the MRO industry. They launched the LTP Start-up Challenge 2022 in partnership with Start-up Accelerator Seedstars in August 2022.

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