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Collision Avoidance Systems

Welcome to the website for EVITADO Technologies GmbH.

We are a startup company based in Hamburg, Germany, developing innovative technologies for the aerospace industry.

The Problem

Commercial airlines spend millions every year trying to repair damage caused during aircraft ground movements. The wingtips are especially vulnerable to these types of movement incidents. Large commercial airlines report incidents like this up to twice per month in their maintenance operations. The necessary repairs, plane downtime and rebooking of airline customers can easily cause costs up to a few hundred thousand Euro.

Our Solution

EVITADO Technologies wants to solve this problem by developing a parking aid, which can be installed temporarily on the aircraft. The system proposed by EVITADO will monitor the area around the aircraft while it is moving and give the ground support team a warning if a high collision risk appears. The system is being developed to move commercial aircraft in production or maintenance environments.

The EVITADO System is a sophisticated combination of hardware and software that assists ground support crews during the movement and navigation of large aircraft on the tarmac and in the hangar. The temporarily installed system quickly and easily attaches to any aircraft and helps to reduce the risk of hangar rash and other costly collisions.

Modular Design

We designed our system with modularity in mind in case a component we use becomes outdated.

High Standards in Development

We developed our system requirements directly from potential users in the aircraft production industry.

No Run-of-the-mill Solution

The technology we are developing is in line with state of the art methodologies in robotics, offering a powerful solution to a complex problem.

Our System in Action

Meet our Team

Background and education in mechanical engineering, business, product development, and entrepreneurship. Responsible for finance, business and customer development.

Amos mith, Evitado Co-Founder

Amos Smith


Education in Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronics with previous startup and research group experiences in the fields of robotics and sensor applications. In charge of electronics and sensor integration, software development, and leading Evitado’s software development team.

Alex Kasinec, Evitado Co-Founder

Alex Kasinec


Background and education in mechanical engineering, robotic systems, and entrepreneurship. Responsible for hardware design and customer interactions.

Our Support

EVITADO Technologies is funded by the Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie and the Europäischen Sozialfonds as part of the EXIST Program.