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Airports are incredibly complex systems that have been difficult to improve – layers of redundancy on every operation are needed to assure safety. Evitado’s solution will finally enable automation in this industry, unlocking billions of dollars in additional efficiency, with a comprehensive intelligence platform that helps airports understand and manage ground operations in real-time. The underlying technology includes proprietary ground-truth sensors that help operators understand, track, and ultimately avoid physical collision. With deep expertise in the industry, we developed the system with support from Airbus and Lufthansa Technik, and early units are already generating revenue in the field.

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Alex Kasinec

 Co-founder & CEO

Alexander Kasinec MSc/MBA, CEO & co-founder of Evitado Technologies. 

Alex studied Mechanical Engineering BSc and minored in the German Language at The Pennsylvania State University (2013). 

He worked as mechanical development and operations engineer for three years at Cummins Inc (2013-2016). 

Alex is originally from Cleveland, Ohio, and currently lives in Hamburg, Germany. He has passions for engineering, robotics, business development, culture, and music.

Andrew Moakes

Co-founder & COO

Background and education in mechanical engineering, business, product development, and entrepreneurship. Responsible for finance, business, and customer development.

Hendrik Brand

Strategic Advisor

Hendrik was CFO at Elbe Flugzeug Werke (EFW), where he has built- up an MRO business unit and has lead the turnaround of the company. In addition, he occupied several executive management roles at Airbus.

Hendrik`s extensive knowledge and experience in finance, operations, business development, and consulting were honed during his beginnings at Adidas Salomon and KPMG Consulting, where he developed a strong skill-set in key account management, and project management, and control.    

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