The Introduction to Evitado Technologies in Brand Eins Magazine

Evitado Technologies’ story has been featured in an article on brand eins “Gefahr am West-Flügel”.

Evitado Technologies is a startup that revolutionizes the future of aviation by automating airside operations. Unlike many established business projects as startups, Evitado Technologies was able to win Lufthansa Technik as a development partner in their first project, went through the Airbus Bizzlab and later the Berkely Skydeck, a high-tech incubator of the University of California, which also came on board as an initial investor. In 2022, three years after Evitado’s foundation, the company began to grow sharply and successfully attracted more investors. This led to the attention of reputable magazine brand eins.


In March 2022, Frank Dahlmann, the brand eins journalist, interviewed Hendrik Brand – Evitado Technologies CCO and published in its magazine as “Gefahr am West-Flügel” article. Evitado has been building a safer and more efficient airside operation through the latest version of the LiDAR-based product ELVIZ. Hendrik Kies – Lufthansa Technik Innovation Manager, said, “I could imagine a virtual hangar in which tools and components can be found more quickly thanks to the sensors.” after witnessing the demonstration of ELVIZ onsite the Lufthansa Technik facilities in Hamburg.

Brand eins is Germany’s innovative business magazine focusing on portraits, in-depth interviews, background stories and reportage. Brand eins primarily focuses on European start-ups and global corporations’ behind-the-scenes operations. In a survey carried out in 2007, brand eins came second in the Lead Awards when asked about the “in your opinion the most important and best-made German magazines at the moment”.

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