Evitado Technologies at MRO Americas 2022

Evitado Technology premiere at the world’s largest aviation MRO event: the MRO Americas

From 26 to 28 April 2022, MRO Americas was held in Dallas, one of the largest aviation MRO events in the world, with more than 13.000 attendees this year. A primary focus of the event is aviation maintenance, repair, and overhaul of aftermarket products to ensure aircraft always remain operational.

As a part of the MRO Americas 2022, Evitado Technologies was the first-time attending event to launch our latest version of the LiDAR-based product ELVIZ. It is integrated with 3D perception software and the newest LiDAR digital technology to recognise all types of aircraft and scan the surrounding in 360 degrees to track aircraft movements with great precision; ELVIZ does not require any tools for installation and works under any weather conditions.

During MRO Americas 2022, Evitado signed a strategic partnership agreement with HYDRO Systems KG.

To talk more about our newest ELVIZ, reach out to us!

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