Evitado Technologies announces a strategic partnership with HYDRO

HYDRO Systems KG and Evitado Technologies are delighted to announce a strategic partnership.

The official ceremony took place at MRO Americas 2022 in Dallas on 27- 4-2022 :

Evitado Technologies is delighted to announce a strategic partnership with HYDRO.

Damages caused during aircraft ground movements cause nearly 250,000 injuries and can cost airlines upwards of $10 billion worldwide each year. By installing the 3D Evitado system on the aircraft or directly on the tugs, this system can detect objects, people, and obstacles in real-time, alert control managers of obstacles while maneuvering, and prevent high costly incidents. With recent advancements in 3D sensors and perception software, Evitados smart systems can take in their environment in more granular detail and enable far better localization and prediction, resulting in fewer collisions.

This partnership will enable both HYDRO and Evitado’s aviation customers to deploy 3D-based solutions at MROs, FBOs, and airports with hangars worldwide to automate operations for increased safety and efficiency.

Through its global network of service centers, HYDRO will support the marketing and sales of Evitado Technologies products worldwide. A great opportunity for Evitado to reach a broad audience that will benefit from their products.

For further information please visit www.hydro.aero and http://www.evitado.io

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