LiDAR-based collision avoidance solution

The world’s first portable, LiDAR-based collision avoidance solution

Technology like LiDAR underpins a wide range of cutting-edge technologies, especially in the automotive industry with a plethora of products in the market that is on the rise. Evitado combined this advanced technology with its deep understanding of the aviation industry and the financial damages that transpire following ground collision. The real impact of ground collisions often goes unnoticed, which holds a gross challenge for GSE companies and airlines. As a result, growing covid restrictions and rising air traffic on the ground entails an impending need to tackle these costly ground collisions and save aviation companies from these immense financial damages. 

Not to mention that the safety of the moving aircraft is a high priority for passenger lives and the owning companies; these challenges associated with maneuvering large aircraft on the ground make Evitado the unrivaled solution. Not so long ago, our LiDAR system was adopted by our client Elbe Flugzeugwerke (EFW), devoted to the maintenance and repair of Airbus aircraft and the conversion of Airbus passenger planes into freighters. Since the beginning of our journey, European aerospace giants like EFW, Airbus, and Lufthansa Technik have been valued partners.  

The system scans its environment through the full 360 degrees just as quickly our system is attached to the tug, it checks and maps the environment, the whole process is presented in a 3D format, one of its appreciating features is its adaptability to the needs of its environment, e.g., area with no local wireless connection, our system breaks that barrier to the operational efficiency, as it comes with built-in wifi. 

In case of objects approaching the aircraft, the Evitado system alerts the ground handling team of the upcoming risk, highlighting it on the user interface. Our system’s preciseness allows the team enough time to stop the towing if needed. 

It’s pretty ingenious. And it just doesn’t stop here, there are additional features and constant updates we plan to introduce – we will keep you updated. Our plans to further automate airside operations is a continuous journey that we are excited to be a part of and to have you as a part of it. To find out more about our system, visit our website.

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