Evitado Partners Up With Seoul Robotics

Evitado technologies have joined hands with Seoul robotics to further develop our ground collision avoidance system, this partnership will further our continuing mission to automate ground operation in the aviation industry.

The collaboration aims to integrate Seoul Robotics’ 3D perception software, SENSR, with Evitado’s all-in-one system for detecting collisions in airport ground operations.

On airport infrastructure, this system is capable of providing real-time collision warnings. Additionally, the device can be mounted on equipment and aircraft in order to provide improved visibility and more extensive coverage, including hangars, ramps, runways, and taxiways.

Our CEO Alex Kasinec believes through this partnership, Evitados’s relentless drive to automate ground operations will give our company a leading edge in its road to succession.

Approximately $10 billion in damages are caused by aircraft ground movements on an annual basis. By partnering, the two companies hope to deliver a solution that will reduce collisions and prevent financial damages.

Seoul Robotics CEO HanBin Lee said:  “3D systems are unlocking unparalleled capabilities, and we are committed to making these solutions more accessible and cost-effective to fuel autonomy, enable operational efficiencies, and most importantly, create a safer world.”

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